5 Reasons Why Business Loans are Hassle-Free at NKB Kredit

With several loan financers available in the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task. However, it is essential to find the correct lender to ensure least inconvenience to get efficient business loans sanctioning which requires appropriate projection and transparent process.

At NKB Kredit, fund raising is based on thorough working on every front of the borrower so that not only appropriate lenders are identified but also transparent process is ensured.

Here are five top reasons why getting a business loan from NKB Kredit is easy and hassle-free:

1.  Easy availability:

You can avail Business loans up to Rs 5 Cr by simply speaking at our office & generally our senior most official attend your call to give you complete solution after carefully listening your needs & situation.

Once you fully conversant with your options, you may act at your own or appoint us to raise desired funds for you by providing necessary documents related to your business. All you need to furnish are your financial statements, GST returns, KYC & Bank statements. We usually update in 2~3 days with our assessment on funding possibilities & require 7 ~10 working days to raise funds after confirmation. However sometime the maturity may take little more time but with transparent process ensure high trust on the execution visibility.  

2.  Low-interest rate:

Among all other benefits of business loan through NKB Kredit, the attractive interest rates are a major draw. We usually raise funds at one of the lowest ROI in the industry on comparable terms. Usually it is based on annual revenue, income, quantum of funding, tenure & including CIBIL score. 

3. No collateral Funding or Funding without Property:

At NKB Kredit, we usually give high regard on the business credentials & USP of a business. By appropriate presentation of business credentials, lenders usually don’t seek pledging of security or collateral to secure finance. We can raise funding without collateral up to Rs. 5 crores if business credentials permit however the fund raising is based on the usage projection & if complete utilisation is not possible at a time then we raise it in a time frame so that you remain focused on the executions of your business.

4.  Liberal Eligibility:

At NKB Kredit, we raise funding from financial institutions on future prospectus of the business along with current performance. We are not very stringent on past performance and largely depend on prospectus of business & genuine business visibility to repay the obligations. NKB Kredit tend to analyze the credit behaviour of a borrower irrespective of CIBIL score. We have comfortably raised good amount of funds where CIBIL is as low as 590 but without any derogatory remarks.

5.  Overdraft facility:

At NKB Kredit, we used to provide maximum benefits to a business house which is our base bone of trust in business fraternity. Normally banks least preferred to offer credit line compared to regular EMIs loans but we help in raising credit line for a business wherever it is possible according to the business credentials. In overdraft facility or credit limit facility, the interest is levied only on the funds used & very beneficial where urgent liquidity is required for irregular orders & handling of surplus cash after maturity of transaction.


Borrowing money from the right source is very important. NKB Kredit ensures a reliable option with transparent process from Banks & Financial Institutions.

I am sure with hassle-free documentation, liberal eligibility criteria. Flexible tenure & low ROI makes NKB Kredit as one stop solution for all your funding needs.

Yours CA Naresh Bansal

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