Business After Lock-Down

Business After Lock-Down:

The COVID-19 pandemic is first & foremost a human tragedy but the comeback is always better than the setback. In these times of enforced lock-down & the given nature of the pandemic everything is about to change.
We can define the comeback strategy by reviewing lessons from past such circumstances faced around 100 years ago by humans in the form of Spanish Flu. The most relevant lesson is to realign existing experience / capacity with the changed needs of the society. Though restarting the operations after lock-down will have many challenges but product acceptance assessment is crucial task for business continuity & growth.

We believe the most sought after industry will be the one which can help in pandemic relief so we tried the sequence of every industry in that relevance.We have expressed depth of every industry to give over-view of potential.   

Healthcare Industry:


India is the 3rd largest biotech destination in the Asia Pacific Region & growing annually more than 50%.


India ranks among top 10 countries in Chemicals sales and contributes more than 3% to global chemical industry.

Medical Devices:

India ranks 4th largest market in the Asia for healthcare devices.


India is one of the biggest manufacturer & exporter of Generic Medicines worldwide & growing rapidly due to its niche positioning.

In the light of Covid-19, there are huge challenges for Indian healthcare Industry to tap demand of their products. All SMEs should plan their operations to swiftly utilize not only the installed capacity but also for expansions.

Govt. has initiated special promotional credit lines for healthcare industry under SIDBI. For details pl. click: Special Scheme for Healthcare industry through SIDBI

Food Processing, Retail & E-commerce:

Food Processing:

India is one of the largest producer & consumer of food grains; fruits & vegetables; edible oil and milk. So in current scenario all the food processing entities, B2B distribution agencies & allied organizations helping in channelizing these activities should assess the operational readiness after lock-down because these activities need to be done under strictly social distancing norms till the complete control of pandemic.

Retail & E-commerce:

The distribution of consumer goods (B2C) is reshaping in recent years. There are lots of E-commerce platforms flourished but the push for growth was not so keen. However in current scenario small E-Commerce platforms should rapidly active their operations due to the need of social distancing & ought to plan for expansions accordingly.

Electronics, Electrical & Engineering Sector:

India is one of the largest consumers of Electronic Goods & Electrical Goods. Also 2nd largest market of mobiles & whole sector is growing more than 25% annually.

After the lock-down various industries will shift focus of multi country production base (shifting base from China) to avoid country risk in the future so it offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs having expertise in electronics & allied product manufacturing to tie up for such ventures and realign the production support for not only Indian market but also for global foot prints.

Beside these there are lots of items which can be produced, refurbished or engaged into value additions after importing from various destinations. Also the urge for make in India drive has already making thrust to tap various new segments like Defence Goods manufacturing.

SMEs working in this segment should re-draw their strategies for post Covid -19 scenario.

Textiles & Apparels:

India is among top 5 exporters of textile & apparel and 2nd largest footwear producer in the world. Government has extended many promotional schemes for the growth of this sector because it is the most employment generating sector.

SMEs related to this segment can support in essential items supply like PPE kit and mask manufacturing besides their existing line of production.

Infrastructure (Roads Construction, Rail Network, Shipping Logistics & renewable energy):

Post pandemic India will push for spending on infrastructure development in the form of Highways, Smart Cities, Rail Network & Inland Shipping facilities to boost ailing economy.

All MSMEs catering to this sector should foresee major orders. So as to gear up for operational efficiency & swiftly plan for expansions according to their execution capabilities.

Renewable Energy:

India is one of the largest producers of renewable energy & currently the installed capacity is around 100GW but potential is 1000+ GW. With such a huge gap in untapped capacity, it offers ample opportunities for businesses as after pandemic, world over consciousness for the nature will increase thus demand for this industry.

Services (Media, IT Enabled Services & Hospitality):


India ranks among top 10 countries in media related services in the world. After the pandemic, industries will look for low cost advertising assets. So SMEs should rework their strategy accordingly.

IT Enabled services:

India is the world’s largest BPM destination & shares more than 50% of global outsourcing market. The pandemic has offered unique challenges for this sector. The idea of cost cutting which initially drive the outsourcing will now become a necessity because of social distancing norms, so it is going to flourish in the upcoming times.

Tourism & Hospitality:

India is a nation of festivals so the people will start travelling after the pandemic. Further India ranks among top 5 destinations in World Tourism, so it will soon get its due share of growth considering the development of infrastructure connectivity. So the new destinations will be in reach and definitely will bring big cheer in this sector because it contributes majorly in all economies.

Automobile & Auto Components:

India is one of the top 5 automobile markets & offers great opportunities for auto components industry. Considering the current drive for EVs (Electric Vehicles), it is going to open highest opportunities for SME businesses not only in domestic market but at the global level.

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